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Our vegan dry brush is an absolute dream when it comes to sustainability . It is made in Germany , from local wood - and the whole thing in a small family business. The bristles are made of algae . Please do not be irritated if small, green threads are visible there.

The medium strength is the perfect brush for many applications. Brushing your body in the morning awakens every cell and refreshes you with lots of energy . Regular use leads to a truly unique effect of soft , supple , delicate and young skin.


Suitable for all skin types - ideally used daily.

Before showering, brush your dry body for about 5 minutes. The massage movement always towards the heart.

Start on the front of the right foot and brush up the leg toward the groin. Repeat on the back of the leg, starting with the sole of the foot. Now switch to the left side.

Now circle from the center of the buttocks up to the outside of the hips and back. Stroke from the back of the hand, over the arms to the shoulders. Here too, pay attention to the front and back and feel free to work on the left side of the body.

Move on to the stomach and start at the right bottom and circle clockwise around the belly button.

Finally, stroke your chest and back. The back is not easy to paint - either you get help or practice and you will get a little further day by day.


Wood, vegan natural bristles with algae


Made in Switerland

Cruelty Free

Petroleum Free

No silicones

No parabens