Active ingredients alone are not enough to ensure highly effective skin care.
Only with the right texture can these ingredients be effectively absorbed into the skin, where they can develop their full potential.
Skinmimetic Science is a concept based on the study and replication of the skin's biological system.

It mimics the composition of the skin to provide it with all the necessary building blocks required for optimal skin health.

Applying these principles to skin care, a patented technology has been used to create a membrane structure that is very similar to the natural structure of the skin.

This means that the active ingredients can be absorbed much more easily by the skin layer, so that they can develop their full effect and are up to 10x* more effective than conventional, comparable products.

In addition, no artificial ones are used
Emulsifiers are needed to combine water and oil into a cream, which means that the so-called " wash-out effect " in skin care does not occur.

A new generation of skin care for proven greater effectiveness.