With DEMARÉS we have made the leap into the next dimension




The ingredients in our care products penetrate the membrane structure of the base formula into the depths of the skin and unfold their effect there. We have put together our ingredients so that in this combination and exact quantity they harmonize perfectly, complement each other and can develop their effectiveness perfectly. Our ingredients are natural because, if you look closely, the power of nature provides everything that needy skin needs.

It is and remains important for us to take a close look, to research and to choose the ingredients in an ideal way.

With our combination of clinically proven, powerful ingredients in active quantities with this revolutionary skin mimetic science, we deliver the perfect products.


"The ancient ingredient mastic is at the heart of the DEMARÉS line and has been known in the Mediterranean for centuries for its therapeutic healing powers.

Mastic, also known as the Crystals of Chios, is a 100% natural plant resin extracted from the evergreen mastic tree and is a super ingredient for skin health and beauty enhancement.

We find it hard to believe that mastic is still completely underestimated today. Hardly any resin is able to deliver up to 80 active ingredients. We use this natural treasure for our products with gratitude and humility.

With anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, mastic can significantly improve skin health. Refine pores, control sebum production, soothe irritated skin - even eliminate red, sore, rough spots. The skin gets a healthy glow. And that's certainly not everything.

The increased collagen production minimizes wrinkles, the skin appears plump and radiance returns.

We work exclusively with first-class ingredients: natural hyaluronic acid, special algae extracts and nourishing almond oil, aloe vera, mountain water - to name just a few - you can find more here . All of this ensures visible, lasting results that result in a healthy, youthful-looking skin.

Let your skin speak for you!