The Brand Story

Women have been at the core of our brand from the start. Uschi Unsinn founded DEMARÉS out of the conviction to offer highly effective premium cosmetics without compromises when it comes to skin health.

Uschi wants to help active women care for the health of their skin with maximum efficiency to enable healthy aging.

Together with her daughter Helen, who worked as Brand Manager & Art Director, she shaped the brand's identity and created the look and feel of DEMARÉS.

When Uschi decided to retire and asked her daughter to take over, Helen knew that she wanted to inherit her mother's legacy. She knew how much heart and soul her mother had put into building and designing DEMARÉS over the last few years based on this belief and felt emotionally connected herself.

For the last 20 years, Helen has worked as an entrepreneur. She has built several successful companies such as Veganz, SEVEN SWANS or worked as a consultant for existing brands such as The Family Circle, Goldigshop, Kita Emily and others. Helen's great passion is building companies.

As the daughter of a beauty entrepreneur, perhaps the logical consequence was to get into this field at some point.

As a mother of three children, Helen knows the importance of easy care routines, which is reflected in every respect at DEMARÉS. Easy, effective and clean are elements that run through her life.