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We love our new "Rose Quartz" Gua Sha stone. Cooling, gentle and at the same time highly effective when used correctly. Combined with our products, the application is significantly intensified . Especially in the morning when your eyes are tired and if used correctly, you can quickly reduce the swelling in your eyes, stimulate the lymph flow , refine your facial expressions and clearly emphasize your contours .

The stone comes in a box so that storage works perfectly even when traveling and the stone is not damaged.

Perfect beauty accessories in every bathroom. Easy to use, space-saving and a companion even when traveling.

Rose quartz is considered a comforter , can heal emotional wounds and increase self-confidence. This gemstone calms and soothes , increases sensitivity and empathy to better open up to others, and softens the hardest hearts to offer them the joys of love.


Suitable for all skin types - ideally used daily. Light circular movements - pressure that is perceived as pleasant is just right.


Rose quartz


Made in Switerland

Cruelty Free

Petroleum Free

No silicones

No parabens