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Stimulate lymph flow , activate metabolism , stimulate blood circulation !

Our EMS light frequency device helps to refine facial features, clarify the skin and relax it. Three light frequencies help to achieve goals at different light frequencies.

Blue light works against impure skin. It ensures that inflammation calms down or prevents it from occurring in the first place. Bacteria formation is inhibited - which can also be the cause of impurities, among other things.

Green light has a balancing , calming effect and relieves redness . It is ideal for veins , rosacea and other skin conditions. Tensions should be relieved.

Red light helps to activate the cells and form new collagen . The result is more firmness and elasticity . The warmth of red light activates blood circulation and thus stimulates the metabolism .

With the EMS Gua Sha in combination with the right products, an ideal complexion is achieved. Without the intervention of beauty doctors. We love natural beauty and maximum care. Working in our SERUM or the SERUM MASK is child's play here.

It is important that the Gua Sha is used correctly so that the lymphatic system is ideally activated. Incorrect use does not lead to the desired effect. If used correctly, swollen areas are relieved and contouring begins. This results in a firmer skin appearance.

Instructions for use
Please do not use on: Children, breastfeeding women, pregnant women and allergy sufferers. If you have skin injuries, eczema, swelling, skin diseases, atopic dermatitis or sensitive skin. People with atypical diseases, people with a pacemaker or other devices, sick people, serious illnesses, acute illnesses, malignant tumors, tuberculosis, blood diseases. Do not use on: Eyes, eyeballs, wounds, throat or larynx. Not on the heart or genitals. Do not immerse the device in water or other liquids. Do not store the device near a fire source, heat it or use it at a very high ambient temperature. Store in a normally temperate, dry and ventilated place. If the device has been damaged - stop using it. Do not modify, disassemble or repair the device yourself. For repairs please contact the distributor or manufacturer directly. Keep the device away from strong electromagnetic fields such as induction. Do not use any accessories that were not part of the delivery. Do not twist, bend, pull out forcefully, wrap around the device or otherwise damage the charging cable as this may result in fire or short circuit. If the charging cable is damaged or becomes hot, stop using it immediately.


Activate the device by pressing the button. This activates the functions. Start with the blue light frequency so that the skin can get used to the device. Change the colors by pressing the on button. Possible with and without applying the SERUM or SERUM MASK.

Always perform relaxation applications from the center of the face to the side.

Neck or jaw area from the chin along the jaw line to the ears. Repeat 20 times per side. From the bottom of the jaw over the neck to the collar bone. From the middle outwards. Repeat 20 times per side.

Stroke the cheek area from the middle of the upper and lower lip towards the ear with very light pressure. Repeat 20 times per side.

Forehead area from the middle of the eyebrows to the temples. Always a little higher. Repeat 20 times per side.

Treat lymph nodes and larynx extra gently or avoid them.

After use, switch off the device by pressing the on button. Wipe the device clean with a damp cloth after each use.


EMS Gua Sha device with protective cap, charging cable, user manual

Product model: IF-GS02
Charging voltage/current: 5 V / 0.5 A
Battery: Polymer lithium battery 3.7V 600mAh
Rated power: ≤ 4 watts
Product material: ABS
Product dimensions: 9.4x8.4x2.8 cm


Made in Switerland

Cruelty Free

Petroleum Free

No silicones

No parabens