The Brand Story

The Mediterranean is the heart and soul of our brand.
Its climate is home of plants that are known for their healing powers and
deliver precious ingredients for the needs of demanding skin.
Inspired by that nature, Uschi Unsinn brought DEMARÉS to life in 2013. She created a highly efficient skincare and maximized its potential with the help of revolutionary skinmimetic science.

Women are the core of our brand since the beginning. Uschi Unsinn built DEMARÉS out of a belief to deliver high performing premium cosmetics without compromises when it comes to skin health.

She wanted to support active women in nurturing the healthspan of their
skin with maximum efficiency for the best healthy aging.

Together with her daughter, Helen, who was Brand Manager & Art Director, she shaped the brand’s identity and created the look & feel of DEMARÉS.

When Uschi decided to retire, asking her daughter to step in, it was clear to Helen that she wanted to take over her mum’s heritage.
She knew how much lifeblood her mum had put into building and shaping DEMARÉS for the past years out of that faith and was emotionally
attached herself.

For the past 20 years Helen was working as an entrepreneur. She had built several successful businesses like Veganz, SEVEN SWANS or worked as a consultant for existing brands such as The Family Circle, Goldigshop, Kita Emily and others.

Helen always believed that you are stronger as a team and that sharing ideas, having a good sparring partner, pursuing a passion together all contribute to better results. After almost 10 years of DEMARÉS she wanted to bring in different expertise into the business to make it even better.